How do I convert an int to an enum?

"qu0ll" <>
Mon, 18 Sep 2006 18:26:17 +1000
I have built a simple enum class for storing various known int return values
from a particular method. It looks like this:

public enum ReturnValue

   private int value;

   public int value()
      return value;

   ReturnValue(int value)
       this.value = value;

Now I face the issue of how to convert the int return value from the method
into one of these enum values. My solution was to add this method to the
enum class:

public static ReturnValue convert(int value)
   switch (value)
   case 0:
       return POSITIVE;
   case 1:
      return NEGATIVE;
   case 2:
      return EITHER;
   case 3:
      return UNDEFINED;
      return UNDEFINED;

Is this the way to do it? Now to convert all I do is:

ReturnValue x = ReturnValue.convert(method());

But this seems silly to have to define the int values of each enum value
effectively twice. Is there a better (simpler) way?

And loving it,

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