Re: How to prevent code repetition with enums?

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Chris Uppal wrote: wrote:

Hello. I was wondering if there is a better way to write the below
code. I have several enums, where each enum is for an option type and
each option has a short 1-3 letter string used when I need to identify
the option from a string. The code for each option type is identical
and I'd prefer to not repeat it over and over again.

As far as I know there is no way to remove the repetition. So, if it b=


you particularly (and it would bother me ;-) I suggest that you generat=

e the

enum classes automatically.Yes. That's the option.

But a little improvement is also possible here with a single
implementation of the lookup logic, like in the following example:

public class Options {

     public interface Option {
         String getOptionString();

     public static enum YesNoOption implements Option {
         YES("yes"), NO("no");
         private final String str;
         private YesNoOption(String str) { this.str = str; }
         public String getOptionString() { return str; }
         public static YesNoOption getOption(String str) {
             return forString(YesNoOption.class, str);

     // ... other options ...

     public static <T extends Enum<T> & Option> T forString(
             Class<T> optionType, String str) {
         for(T o : optionType.getEnumConstants())
                return o;
         return null;

      Very strong template code......
      hard to understand,could you explain what the template trys to
describe by the way?


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