enum type declaration error

17 Dec 2006 20:59:13 -0800
I came from C domain and learning JAVA.
I believe, there is C equivalent "enum" type existed in JAVA. But my
initial experiment is giving compile error as below. Please help me to
understand where I made mistake. Note that, I am using the latest GCC
compiler for JAVA (gcj).

Thanks in advance.

Compile error:
myHelloWorld.java:8: error: Invalid declaration.
       public enum returnStatus {RETURN_TRUE, RETURN_FALSE}
myHelloWorld.java:8: confused by earlier errors, bailing out


My experimental code is as below:
public class myHelloWorld

    // Return value definition (public)
    public enum returnStatus {RETURN_TRUE, RETURN_FALSE}

    // Private method to print something on the console
    private returnStatus printSomething()
    // Return status intialization
           returnStatus retValue = new returnStatus;

        // Print something on the console
        System.out.println("Hi Hello World !");

          retValue = retValue.RETURN_TRUE;
          return retValue;


    // Main method
    public static void main(String[] args)

}//myHelloWorld class

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