How do I set up CollapsableHashtable to take parameters?

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20 Mar 2007 08:50:51 -0700
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import java.util.Hashtable;
import java.util.Enumeration;

 * Allows for "removeAll" of all elements within {@link
 * @author Phil Powell
 * @version JDK 1.6.0
public class CollapsableHashtable<K, V> extends Hashtable<K, V> {

    /** Creates a new instance of CollapsableHashtable */
    public CollapsableHashtable() {

    /** Remove all {@link java.lang.Object} keys from {@link
java.util.Hashtable} */
    public void removeAll() {
        while (!isEmpty()) {
           Enumeration keys = this.keys();
           while (keys.hasMoreElements()) {


Sorry folks, I'm so not good at this. How do I ensure that my
CollapsableHashtable class will fully extend Hashtable<K, V> inasmuch
as it will take identifier parameters just like Hashtable<K, V>?

When I try this:

 private Hashtable<String, CollapsableHashtable<String, String>>

I wind up with this compiler error:

C:\Documents and Settings\me\classes\GUI\src\com\ppowell\applications
\games\ type does not take
    private Hashtable<String, CollapsableHashtable<String, String>>

So what must I do within CollapsableHashtable to ensure that it can
take parameters?


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