Comparing enum to a String failing...

Mikhail Teterin <>
Wed, 14 Nov 2007 22:04:58 -0500

For some reason, I can not properly compare a string to an enum, even when
there is supposed to be a match:

I declare the enum as follows:

 private enum Currency {
  USD ("USDAM3L", "US"),
  EUR ("EURAB6E", "DE"),
  GBP ("GBPSB6L", "GB");

  String swapsymbol, ricroot;

  Currency(String _swapsymbol, String _ricroot)
   swapsymbol = _swapsymbol;
   ricroot = _ricroot;

I then run through it as:

 String swapsymbol = null;
 for (Currency currency : Currency.values()) {
  if (bond.currency.equals(currency)) {
   swapsymbol = currency.swapsymbol;
  } else {
   System.err.println(">" + currency + "< did not match >"
       + bond.currency + "<");
 if (swapsymbol == null) {
  throw new Exception("Can not find swap-symbol " +
      "for currency " + bond.currency);

This results in the following output:

 >USD< did not match >EUR<
 >EUR< did not match >EUR<
 >GBP< did not match >EUR<

As you can see, it failed to notice, that "EUR" equals "EUR" for some
reason. Can anyone, please, help? Thanks!


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