Re: Random Naughts and Crosses, Problem Search

Daniel Pitts <>
Sat, 09 Feb 2008 18:44:06 -0800
Patricia Shanahan wrote:

Mark Space wrote:

TheBigPJ wrote:

the large comparision if statement, but no one has a suitable

Yeah that "if" is just nasty. I think you even missed one victory
condition. I count seven and there should be eight I think. Replace
it with a method that uses a loop to iterate over possible victory

Also, consider making board a byte[3][3], reflecting the two-dimensional
geometry of the real board.

Actually, I would replace it with an 2d enum array.
enum Stroke {
Or better yet, use a map instead:

final class Position {
    final int x;
    final int y;
    public Position(int x, int y) {
      this.x = x;
      this.y = y;
    public long hashCode() { return x + y * 37; }
    public boolean equals(Object o) { return o instanceof Position &&
((Position)o).x == x && ((Position)o).y == y; }

Map<Position, Stroke> board;

That would make it easy to iterate over all columns, all rows, and the
two diagonals.



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