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Why use Strings in the JComboBox? Enums can do pretty much all the work
for you.

You can use any Object, including Enums (Waves in this case), in a
JComboBox uses an Object's toString() method to display the text in the
component. Rather than using the JComboBox.getText() method use the
getSelectedItem() and you get back the selected Waves item that you

If you capitalize the Waves:
?public enum Waves { Sine, Square, Sawtooth; }

the capitalized strings will be displayed in the JComboBox.

Or, an even more flexible approach, which doesn't require breaking

public enum Waves {
? ? Sine("Sine Wave"),
? ? Square("Jack-o-lantern"),
? ? Sawtooth("Evil Jack-o-lantern");
? ? private final String displayName;
? ? Waves(String displayName) { this.displayName = displayNames; }
? ? public String toString() { return displayName; }}

Daniel Pitts' Tech Blog: <>

So like if I do:
switch (Wavetype.valueOf(s))

but the current value of s is not included in the wavetype, it throws
an exception rather than go to default. How do I handle such cases
with enums? That is, why does it not simply go to "default:" and skip
over the cases? Can Wavetype.valueof(s) not return null and the null
case go to default in the switch?

Write your own static lookup method to lookup Waves by name. Here's one
that looks up commands by key code using a Map:


Here's it's use in a switch:


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