non-static method gotcha

Roedy Green <>
Sun, 15 Mar 2009 17:32:39 -0700
I was getting an compiler error message: non-static method cannot be
referenced from a static context. I am quite familiar with the
message, and normally I know what the problem is. This time I was
hitting a brick wall trying to figure it out. See if you can see the
problem. Hint, enum possibilities are their own little classes.

enum SubmissionSite
        ABABASOFT( "AbabaSoft",
"" )
                 * Simulate manual submit
                 * @param pad URL of the pad xml file we are
                String submit( String pad )
 > > > > > > > > > > return submitViaPost( "/checkadd.php",
                            "padurl", pad,
                            "psubmit", "Submit PAD File"
                }, // end ABASOFT


     * submit pad via POST with given parms
     * @param action action, usually with lead /
     * @param postParms parm=value pairs, including parmurl=pad
     * @return text the website sent back.
    private String submitViaPost( String action, String... postParms )

     * Submit the PAD to this submission site.
     * @param pad URL of pad e.g. http://mindprod/pad/fileio.xml
     * @return what site said back, raw.
    abstract String submit( String pad );

} // end SubmissionSite

scroll down for the solution

The trick in you have to remove the private on submitViaPost.
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