Re: Named fields in enum constant declarations

Mark Space <>
Wed, 15 Apr 2009 12:35:31 -0700
Patricia Shanahan wrote:

TRUE_POSITIVE(new Color(100, 255, 100))

I would prefer to replace that with something like:


Just to be different, I went in another direction than Steven and
Joshua. It's two classes instead of one, but the result is pretty clean,

package fubar;
import static fubar.BaseColors.*;

public enum VisualizationColors {


     BaseColors color;

     private VisualizationColors( BaseColors color )
         this.color = color;


/// ------8<-------- New File, cut here ----8<----------

package fubar;

  * @author Brenden
public enum BaseColors {

     LIGHT_GREEN( 2, 90, 10 ),
     DARK_BLUE( 4, 10, 90 );

     /* I switch to floats at the last minute, I hope I didn't mess
        anything up. */

     private float r, g, b; // 0-100

     private BaseColors( float r, float g, float b )
         this.r = r;
         this.g = g;
         this.b = b;

     public float getR()
         return r;

     public float getG()
         return g;

     public float getB()
         return b;


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