Re: evum constructor gotcha

Lew <>
Sun, 02 Aug 2009 20:02:05 -0400
Lew wrote:

markspace wrote:

Lew wrote:

Actually, you picked a bad example. THE_ANSWER is a compile-time
constant and will not be initialized at all, rather, it will be used
as the compiled-in value 42.

On my system, that construct gives "Illegal forward reference," unless
I messed something else up.

You are absolutely correct. I should have tried it first.

Here's a way around it:

package testit;
public enum ForwardRef
     FIRST( Holder.THE_ANSWER ),
     SECOND( Holder.THE_ANSWER );

     static class Holder
         static final int THE_ANSWER = 42;
     private final int value;

     private ForwardRef( int value )
         this.value = value;
     public int getAnswer()
         return this.value;


package testit;

/** ForwardReferee.
public class ForwardReferee
     public static void main( String [] args )
         for ( ForwardRef fr : ForwardRef.values() )
             System.out.print( "ForwardRef."+ fr );
             System.out.println( ".answer = "+ fr.getAnswer() );

$ javac -d ~/projects/testit/build/classes \
   testit/ testit/

$ java -cp ~/projects/testit/build/classes \
ForwardRef.FIRST.answer = 42
ForwardRef.SECOND.answer = 42


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