Re: How to store an enum value as a corresponding integer?

Daniele Futtorovic <>
Sat, 12 Feb 2011 17:33:22 +0100
On 12/02/2011 12:35, Robin Wenger allegedly wrote:

Internally in a class I would like to store a value as integer value.
 From outside of the class this value should be accessible as enumeration.

I am thinking about something like:

pubic class mycontainer {
    private int myvalue;
    public enum weekday { monday, tuesday, wednesday };

    public weekday getcurrentweekday() {
        return(positioninlist(myvalue)); }

    public void setcurrentweekday(weekday) {

In the sample above 1 should be assigned to myvalue if monday is set as weekday:


However the core function positioninlist() is not available.

How can I achive this otherwise in detail?


Many things wrong with your approach and your naming, as Eric pointed out.
Not to repeat what he said, please consider that you can also do the

public enum DayOfWeek {



   final int dayIndex;
   DayOfWeek( int dayindex ){
     this.dayIndex = dayindex;

   public int getDayIndex(){
     return dayIndex;

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