Re: How to override an abstract method returning an interface type

"Oliver Wong" <>
Thu, 06 Jul 2006 14:41:24 GMT
"Ingo R. Homann" <> wrote in message

Hi, wrote:

I've this class that implements the interface PreparedStatement

public class SCTRDebuggableStatement implements PreparedStatement
{ .... }

but I've not implemented the abstract method ParameterMetaData so
defined in PreparedStatement

    ParameterMetaData getParameterMetaData() throws SQLException;

Also ParameterMetaData is an interface, all that I need is to compile a
very big project, I'm not interested to these classes but how can I
modify SCTRDebuggableStatement to finally see it compile without

To make it compile (without ever using this method), implement it by
returning null or better throwing an Exception:

ParameterMetaData getParameterMetaData() throws SQLException {
  throw new RuntimeException("Not yet implemented!");

    I usually use NotImplementedException() for this purpose. It's in the
sun.reflect.generics package, and it's not documented AFAIK, so I'm not sure
if that's the intended purpose...

    I've even customized my Eclipse so that instead of generiting methods

public Object foo() {
  //TODO: Autogenerated method
  return null;

it generates code like:

public Object foo() {
  //TODO: Autogenerated method
  throw new NotImplementedException();

    - Oliver

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