Re: JDBC and CLOB retrieval question

Lew <>
Wed, 26 Sep 2007 19:11:04 -0400
Martin Gregorie wrote:

I'm using JDBC to access a PostgresQL [sic] database which contains TEXT
fields. That's the Postgres equivalent of a CLOB. I'm storing strings in
this field with PreparedStatement.setCharacterStream() and getting them
back with ResultSet.getCharacterStream() - this works well, but the code
I use to read the data back is ugly:

   private String retrieveText(ResultSet rs, String column)
         throws SQLException
      StringBuffer buff = new StringBuffer();
         Reader tr = rs.getCharacterStream(column);
         char[] cbuf = new char[50];
         int n;

         while ((n =, 0, 50)) != -1)

      catch (IOException e)
      return buff.toString();

It works, but is there something a bit more elegant that I should be
using instead of reading chunks via the the loop?

I've probably missed something that should be obvious, so any hints
would be welcome.

Try ResultSet.getString( String column ).
and the setString() equivalent.

TEXT is also Postgres's version of LONG VARCHAR and works like an
unlimited-length VARCHAR.


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