Re: Application error occurred during request processing

Lew <>
Tue, 23 Oct 2007 17:36:24 -0400
kath <> wrote:

Class klass_1

This isn't even legal Java. You need to use the keyword "class" to define
Java classes, which you haven't done.

Also, class names should begin with an upper-case letter, and CamelCase
thereafer. Underscores should only appear in the names of compile-time
constants (which are spelled in all upper case by convention).

public String var1="";
public String var2="";
public ArrayList arrList = new ArrayList();

It is usually better
a) to declare the variable as the interface type rather than the concrete
type, and
b) to use generics.

public kclass1 method_name(String arg1) throws SQLException{

Also, the word "class" appearing in class names is redundant.

i know error-code: 500 occurs when there is problem with source. But
the source compiles successfully. And also if i comment
k1.arrList.add(k2); this line in the above code i execute the
webservice with no problem but i dont get completely what i should

Nitpick: the word "I" is capitalized.


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