Re: servlet access to another context

Lew <>
Thu, 08 Nov 2007 10:41:12 -0500
After wrote:

My problem is to call a servlet from a method of a javabean.. i.e:

If the servlet calls the bean's method(s), directly or indirectly, then the
bean should not call the servlet's. The servlet should retrieve the result of
the bean method and do all the forwarding itself.

Having the bean do servlet things is very bad design. It's especially bad
having it do navigation things. Do not have the bean do servlet things.

public class Controller extends HttpServlet
  protected void doPost( HttpServletRequest request,
                         HttpServletResponse response )
      throws ServletException, IOException
    Map parms = request.getParameterMap();
    Result res = doSomething( parms );

    request.setAttribute( "result", res );

    RequestDispatcher rd;
    switch( res.getStatus() )
     case SUCCESS:
       rd = request.getRequestDispatcher( "/success.jsp" );

     case FAILURE:
       rd = request.getRequestDispatcher( "/failure.jsp" );
    rd.forward( request, response );


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