Re: Database helper class with PreparedStatements

Lew <>
Sat, 10 Nov 2007 18:04:07 -0500
<> wrote:

Thanks for info. I combined the classes and was wondering if this is
more efficient?

public class DbWork

    private Connection connection = new
    private PreparedStatement stat;

There are consequences to making the connection happen at construction time
and making 'connection' and 'stat' instance variables.

     public void cityInserter(FormBean city) throws SQLException
        stat = connection.prepareStatement("Insert into City (street,
school) values (?,?)");
        stat.setString(1, city.getStreet());
        stat.setString(2, city.getSchool());

It's better to leave the sample code compilable than to throw in this kind of

   public dbMethod(FormBean city)

You need a return type such as 'void' for a method.

       catch(SQLException ex)

The problem here is that connection is part of the instance, and created
during construction, but you close() it before the object is disposed. This
leaves the possibility of client code attempting to re-use the object after
the connection has been closed.





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