Re: Exception Names

"Karl Uppiano" <>
Mon, 30 Mar 2009 02:30:40 GMT
"Arne Vajh?j" <> wrote in message

Joshua Cranmer wrote:

Programmer stupidity is not a good reason to make a checked exception a
runtime exception. The entire point of checked exceptions it that it
forces programmers to deal with potentially dangerous situations in some
manner; if programmers choose to deal with them idiotically, they're just
opening themselves up to a world of hurt.

If someone is eating InterruptedExceptions, he or she probably doesn't
know what that exception means. In that case, there are likely much
larger multithreading bugs in the same code.

I am not so convinced.

I would say that in the majority of cases the programmer would
know that the the thread would not be interrupted.

Not that I want InterruptedException made unchecked, but in my
experience the use of interrupt is very rare.

Please note that I wasn't asking for it to be made unchecked either; given
how poorly I have seen it handled in too many cases, I just think it things
would work better if it were unchecked.

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