Re: different try-finally approach

"Mike Schilling" <>
Tue, 4 Aug 2009 00:31:24 -0700
Bill McCleary wrote:

Mike Schilling wrote:

Bill McCleary wrote:

Mike Schilling wrote:

public static void close(Closeable... c) throws IOException
    List<IOException> exceptions = new ArrayList<IOException>();
    for (Closeable cl : c)
        try { cl.close()
        } catch (IOException ex) {
            exceptions.add(ex) }
    if (exceptions.size() > 0)
        throw new WrappedIOException(exceptions);


Why not

switch (exceptions.size()) {
  case 0: return;
  case 1: throw exceptions.get(0);
  case 2: throw new WrappedIOException(exceptions);

Cool. And you can also make the allocation of "exceptions" lazy if
that kind of optimization is important to you.

What? One teensy little ArrayList in what's invariably going to be
bound code? :)

That's my feeling too, but at some point, someone anal is going to
profile it and ask where all those empty ArrayLists came from :-)

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