Re: Exception Handling

Lew <>
Wed, 10 Mar 2010 01:34:42 -0500
Javas wrote:

public class Qn24 {

Say, I'm just taking a WAG here, but this wouldn't happen to be question
number 24 on your homework assignment, would it?

        static class A
                void process() throws Exception { throw new
Exception(); }

Do us a favor here on Usenet and please keep indentation down to a maximum of
four spaces per level. Eight is too wide for readability in a newsgroup.


        static class B extends A
                void process() { System.out.println("B "); }

        public static void main(String[] args)
                A a = new B();

Why does the above code results in a compilation error? since it is

When asking questions like this, saying "a compilation error" is waaaaay to
vague. What is the error? *Copy and paste* the *exact* text of the error in
these cases.

always invoking class B's process() method which doesnt throw any

The key is that it's a compilation error, not a runtime one. The fact that
a.process() is polymorphically calling B's version is a runtime consideration,
not a compilation one. See markspace's answer.

It becomes quite important in Java to keep compile-time and run-time realities
separate in your mind.


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