Re: JAX-WS and RuntimeException in service implementation

Tom Anderson <>
Fri, 20 Aug 2010 13:36:20 +0100
On Thu, 19 Aug 2010, Sebastian Millies wrote:

I am confused with regard to the treatment of runtime
exceptions in a webservice call. Can anyone give an explanation
(or point me to one) that is clearer and more complete than the
JAX-WS spec itself?

The scenario:
 Supppose I call a webservice in Java over a JAX-WS 2.1
 compliant SOAP implementation and the service implementation
 throws a java.lang.RuntimeException. What happens on the
 service and the client side?

What the spec has to say:
 The JAX-WS spec says in section 3.7 :
 java.lang.RuntimeException and java.rmi.RemoteException and their
 subclasses MUST NOT be treated as service specific exceptions and
 MUST NOT be mapped to WSDL.

 Sections and 6.4.1 about protocol specific exceptions seem
 not to apply, because a runtime exception that occurs e. g. because
 of an SQL Error on the server side certainly would not qualify as
 a subclass for the SOAP protocol.

My questions:
 Thus, on the client side I expect to see nothing in the returned SOAP
 message. I also do not expect a WebServiceException, because these
 occur if there is any error prior to invocation of the operation.
 Am I right?

 Given that a runtime exception may always occur on the server
 (external resource not availabe etc.) am I thus forced to wrap any
 runtime exception in some service exception in my service

My guess would be that the SOAP implementation will catch a runtime
exception and return a fault, with a faultcode of Server. Chances are that
the client SOAP stack will turn this into an exception again - in java, a

I don't have the JAX-WS to hand, so i can't actually cite any evidence for
this, though.


Science runs with us, making us Gods.

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