Re: ImageIO and Tiff images

Knute Johnson <>
Wed, 15 Dec 2010 09:01:34 -0800
On 12/15/2010 07:30 AM, mark jason wrote:

I was trying out some ImageIO methods on various types of image
files.When I tried getImageReaders() on ImageInputStream created with
jpeg,png files ,I could get at least one ImageReader.But it failed
when I used tiff images from
as well as those in JAFFE database.Can someone tell me why this


public static void checkImage(String name) throws IOException{
        ImageInputStream imginstream = ImageIO.createImageInputStream(new
        Iterator<ImageReader> iter = ImageIO.getImageReaders(imginstream);
        if (iter.hasNext()) {
            System.out.println("at least one image reader exists for " + name);
            System.out.println("No image reader exists for " + name);

when I tried a .tiff file I got
No image reader exists for KLHA1158.tiff

You discovered the reason, there are no readers for tiff images. JAI
(Java Advanced Imaging) has readers to read tiffs. I haven't used it in
a while so I'm not sure but I think you need the JAI Image I/O tools
rather than the JAI.

Just do a google search for JAI and you will get more info than you
wanted. There are some pretty good forums too.


Knute Johnson

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