Re: Catching mulitple Exceptions in JDK 1.7

Lew <>
Mon, 1 Aug 2011 23:54:34 -0700 (PDT)
Jukka Lahtinen wrote:

Roedy Green writes:

catch (IOException|SQLException ex) {
    throw ex;

Is it correct to say that I can't get at any of the parameters of the
IOException if I use the new JDK 1.7 multiple catch?

if (ex instanceof IOException) {
  IOException ioe = (IOException) ex;
Of course, if you need something in the catch block that is specific to
IOException, you probably wouldn't do
catch (IOException|SQLException ex)

SQLException /is-an/ IOException, so there isn't anything "specific to IOEx=
ception" that isn't in SQLException. It's the other way around. Roedy was=
 pointing out that if you use multi-catch on IO/SQL, that you can't get at =
the stuff that's specific to SQLException. But as you correctly point out,=
 if you need to handle the two cases differently, you wouldn't combine them=

In fact, if you only want to handle the IOException-ness of the exception, =
you wouldn't even bother mentioning 'SQLException' at all. You'd just 'cat=


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