Re: JPEG image quality loss when rendering in Swing Components

"Andrew Thompson" <>
17 Oct 2006 07:25:27 -0700
Biswa Prakash wrote:

Will there be loss of quality(resolution / sharpness etc) of any jpeg
image when I am rendering the image in JLabel and displaying it over a
JPanel ?

What did your (visual) tests indicate?
Does any one look better than any of the others?

Is there be any difference in quality when the image is rendered in a
web browser (like Internet Explorer or Firefox) compared to rendering
the image in Java Swing Components ?

Probably not, given IE will offer to 'resize' any image
it loads directly, and what resizing algorithm it uses
is anybody's guess.

But we come back to. What did *your* tests show?

If there is a difference in image quality, how can I measure it,

Possibly subracting ione image from the other might
highlight differences. Get a Robot to get a screengrab
of the image(s) in the various UI's of interest. Line up
the relevant parts of the image and do a... (what is it)
AlphaComposite filter that is (gets very vague)..right
for subtracting one image from another.

...are there any tools or should I write a routine?

Probably 'b' write a routine - I doubt you'll find any tools.

Andrew T.

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