Re: How to remove JFileChooser default accept all file filter?

"Andrew Thompson" <>
29 Dec 2006 13:00:05 -0800
John W. Kennedy wrote:

Andrew Thompson wrote:

John W. Kennedy wrote:

Allen wrote:

Accept all file filter is default for JFileChooser. I want to remove
it. How to do it?

You don't. You replace it.



If you must, and are on 1.3 or better, setAcceptAllFileFilterUsed(false).

Aaah.. the marvels of ..'modern' technology
( I got away with that, didn't I? ;).

But every user who wants to damn-well see the "all" list will curse you
for doing so.

I'm glad you brought that up. It is not something I
have ever attempted (till I saw your first post on it -
which got me curious).

I tend to agree that even if the end-user has no point in
openning a particular file-type in my application, I will
still offer the 'All Files' filter - so they can use it for
navigation (I am used to what most of my more common
directories *look* like in a file filter - it would be a nuisance
to have the contents 'changing' according to what flavor
of files the application likes).

The 'path of least surprise' might suggest it is better
to leave the 'All Files' filter in place.

Andrew T.

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