Re: When user clicks on a link twice before the first click is completely processed..

Lew <>
Thu, 24 May 2007 08:12:50 -0400
sapta wrote:

In my webpage which is JSP, user clicks on a link twice even before
the first click is fully processed. This is causing malfunctioning in
the application. We are using WAS server. My question is can we stop
it without coding or designing the application in our own way? To be
more specific, can this be restricted in WAS server itself? Has anyone
ever faced this issue? how else can these be solved?

The application is broken in that it does not make submissions idempotent (act
only the first time invoked). You need to fix the application.

Do not fall into the bottomleess Pit of Despair of trying to "disable the back
button" or otherwise affect browser behavior from the server.

When an application has such a major gaff as failing to handle inputs
correctly, there is little to no long-term help obtained by grafting external
solutions onto the problem.

Consider a servlet filter to guarantee idempotency. You might use the Token
Pattern in it.

I think your only real solution is to fix the broken application. You can put
lipstick on a pig but it's still a pig.


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