Re: Removing all data out of JList

Lew <>
Tue, 06 Nov 2007 08:56:03 -0500
Nigel Wade wrote:

However, I think it's a case of IDEitis

Andrew Thompson wrote:

<grumpy>The cure for IDEness is RTFM(ness).</grumpy>

What excuse is there?

The important thing is that he came here for guidance and received it, not how
he strayed. Good habits have to be learned; the only actionable ignorance is
willful ignorance. As in this case, where action is taken, no excuse is needed.

To the OP: I propose a filter for the last couple of responses - strip away
the attitude and what's left is a notion that you can use. What these guys
are so colorfully suggesting is that a resource like the API Javadocs,
available within the IDE and at
would explain the behavior of a method that is giving you trouble.

In this case, careful reading of the JList Javadocs would show you

A separate model, ListModel, maintains the contents of the list.

at the top, and would direct you all the way to javax.swing.Container to read
about removeAll(). Here's where you start to think, "Container? That seems
a little bit too general."

Then in the method's Javadocs:

Removes all the components from this container.
This method also notifies the layout manager to remove the components
from this container's layout via the removeLayoutComponent method.

"Layout component?" you should be thinking by now. "That doesn't sound like
what I meant to do."

Then you can, for example, put that very question here:
"Why do they call it removing a layout component in Container, when in JList I
want to remove data, not components?"

Or, you might use that question for yourself for a while,
"Hmm. Maybe I should read more about this ListModel thingie". Back to the
top of the JList Javadocs, where they give a brief explanation, then to the
Sun tutorials, then GIYF and textbooks, all the while spinning the trickier
questions off to the wise guys at Usenet for guidance and abuse^H^H^H^H^H^H
colorful commentary.


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