Re: The text editor "discussions"

Lew <>
Sat, 01 Dec 2007 14:23:54 -0500
Daniel Pitts skrev:

Hmm, anybody know hot to add a killfile to Thunderbird?

Lars Enderin wrote:

You can set up Filter rules under Tools.
You can also create filter rules via right-clicking the From address.

Left-click on main newsgroup server entry in the "Folders" pane.
The right pane shows a bunch of commands, including "Manage message filters".
  This recapitulates the menu item "_T_ools / Message _F_ilters...".

In the Message Filters dialog, make sure the "_F_ilters for:" dropdown is set
either to your whole newsgroup account ("choose this news server") or to a
particular newsgroup you want to filter.

Click on the "_N_ew" button, or select an existing filter and click on the
"_E_dit" button.

A typical killfile rule would "Match any _o_f the following" and a have series
of criteria such as "From" "contains" "".

Add another criterion with the plus (+) button to the right of the existing

(+) "From" "contains" "".

"_P_erform these actions" should be "Mark As Read" plus (+) "Delete Message".

Click "OK".

Make sure the filter's "Enabled" box is checked.

Click the little "X" close box in the upper right of the window. (T-Bird
forgot to provide a "Finished" button.)


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