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Fri, 05 Sep 2008 17:34:25 GMT
Knute McCuin wrote:

Daniele Futtorovic wrote:

On 05/09/2008 16:23, laredotornado allegedly wrote:

I'm using Java 1.5. I have a Vector of objects,

*BZZT*. The only possible reason you could justifiably use a
java.util.Vector would be if you coded with a JSE version prior to 1.2.

The only significant difference between Vector and ArrayList is the fact
that Vector is synchronized. If you need simple synchronization on your
ArrayList there is no difference.

Collections.synchronizedList is the pondered way of enabling that.

                                  The difference certainly doesn't
justify the bandwidth utilized to admonish those Vector users.

I would not retrieve the benefits of teaching impenetrable practice
to not only the those that posted but also the x100 that just


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