Parsing M3U play list help

Andrew Thompson <>
Thu, 2 Apr 2009 16:57:35 -0700 (PDT)

The above link* is to a basic source I whipped up to parse and
display M3U style PlayLists**.

It displays them in a JTable, and offers a JTextField to filter the

Clicking on any track in the playlist, will open it in the default
(Requires Desktop/1.6+).

I could use some more test results for it, for instance in terms of
'guessing' the track title/artist delimiter, which seems a horrid

Of course, any tweaks, bug reports/fixes and suggestions are welcome.

* It is around 23.6 KB, so I won't dump it directly in the thread.

** It is inspired by the 'Jump To' filter of WinAmp, which is very
handy, and seemingly missing from the Windows Media Player,
VLC Media Player and the Totem Player (Ubuntu). Go figure..
I mean heck, when you have 11000+ tracks, it is a bit tricky
selecting one track by 'scroll', and the 'search' function of the
latter two players is still not as easy to use as a text filter.

N.B. X-post to comp.lang.programmer/gui/help with follow-ups
set to c.l.j.gui only. Please set follow-up to any one group as
best fits your own query or comment and inclination.

Andrew Thompson

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