Re: The Spammers Have Really Trashed This NG.

Lew <>
Sun, 12 Jul 2009 15:32:10 -0400
Karl Uppiano wrote:

The spammers have really trashed this forum, and I can find no effective
way to filter them out. Is there a moderated version of this NG anywhere?

markspace <> wrote:

The trick to spammer is to use your killfile (K in Thunderbird) to
remove unwanted threads. As long as you do that proactively, there's
only a few spam each day to remove. It's not too bad.

Andrew Thompson wrote:

I did a quick count of spam posts across the first 3
pages of c.l.j.p. as it is represented in GG. The 1st
page had 8, the 2nd 16, and the 3rd 19 out of 30 posts.
That is 43/90, or almost 50%. *

And that was not counting those trollish posts based
on the "Computer Programming Job in CA" idiot thread.

Is it possible your news server is taking some effort
to suppress spam posts?

If your are referring to markspace's remarks, he did mention using
Thunderbird's spam filter and thus doesn't particularly need to have the ISP
suppress spam posts.

AFAIK no news server makes any real effort to filter spam posts.


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