Re: Making file name unique

Patricia Shanahan <>
Mon, 09 Nov 2009 14:16:06 -0800
laredotornado wrote:

On Nov 9, 1:36 pm, Patricia Shanahan <> wrote:


On Nov 9, 9:55 am, Lars Enderin <> wrote:


On Nov 9, 8:43 am, Patricia Shanahan <> wrote:


I'm using Java 1.5. Are there any pre-built functions for making a
file name unique? And by "unique", I am downloading files over an FTP
connection and if the file exists in the local directory, I would want
to create another with a "-1", "-2", etc., added before the file
extension. For example, if I were downloading "abc.txt", and
"abc.txt" already existed in the current directory, I would want the
newly downloaded file to be "abc-1.txt".
Thanks for your feedback, - Dave

If you really need the specific numbering you describe, you need to
write it yourself. If that is just an example of the sort of thing you
want, see File.createTempFile.

I do require this specific numbering. Does this style of numbering
have a name? Searching "java making file names unique" does not turn
up this convention in Google. - Dave

No name is required, and it's fairly simple to do. You can use Java to
get a list of file names in the directory where you want to place the
file. Then find all names with the pattern "abc-[0-9]+.txt". and choose
the next free number.

Regarding ...

You can use Java to get a list of file names

What package/class is this done from? Could you give an example?

The key class for all of this is If you have not already
done so, I strongly recommend reading its documentation. It has a lot of
relevant methods.


You're referring to using a filter as part of list or listFiles? From
what I'm seeing about filters, they take a string but I can't find
anything about using a regular expression of the type Lars wrote.
What am I missing?

Filter and FileNameFilter are both interfaces. You can write your own to
do any test you like, including but not limited to a regular expression
match against the file name.

Alternatively, just obtain the unfiltered list of all the files in the
directory, and then use regular expression checks on the names.


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