Re: Good idea, bad execution

Daniel Pitts <>
Sun, 14 Nov 2010 11:01:51 -0800
On 11/13/2010 8:38 AM, Lew wrote:

Joe Snodgrass wrote:

Several years ago, somebody invented a clever email add-on that would
alert you to the fact that you were using harsh language, so you
wouldn't hit the "send" key.

This is wrongheaded. The place you want to put it is on the receive
end, to alert you that someone was about to insult you, so you could
delete the diatribe without reading it.

Does anybody know what was the name of that invention, or the company or
person who invented it?

Some dipshit motherfucker.

Meat Plow wrote:

The inventor was God and the invention was called The Brain.

Yes, She did create the brain, or it created itself, or She created the
soul that created the brain, but I am not sure "invented" is the
appropriate verb. We don't say a sculptor "invents" a sculpture or a
composer "invents" an aria, we say they "create" or "compose" it.

Nice bit of humorous proselytizing, though.

Without getting into a religious debate, I often chose too interpret
"God" as "The natural consequences of the universe existing" where
appropriate, and restructuring the surrounding sentence so that it fits
the intent of the originator with my understanding of the universe.

I'm not saying I'm an atheist, just that "God" as an explanation is too
course grained most of the time. Yes, God did lots of great stuff, but
its not outside our ability to understand why/how a lot of it happened.

So, my interpretation of what Meat Plow wrote:

"The filter is created by evolution and it evolved into The Brain."

Normally I apply this translation internally so as not to offend other
people (you should try that sometime Lew). I often appreciate your
contributions, and agree with your opinions, but presentation accounts
for something.

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