Re: How to display symbolic fonts

"Oliver Wong" <>
Wed, 23 Aug 2006 14:45:57 GMT
"juergen" <> wrote in message

Thank your for your two ideas, but I need further help.

    Rather than expect the end user to always copy the font to the
appropriate directory and editing their font.dir file, consider using the
createFont() method to dynamically load a font at runtime:,

I am using the createFont method, but the Symbols are displayed as

    This is an indication, I think, that the font you're using doesn't have
the visual glyphs to represent the characters you're trying to display.

    Additionally, rather than using a special font that maps musical
to other characters, consider using the Unicode characters specifically
designed for this purpose:

Western Musical Symbols:
Byzantine Musical Symbols:
Ancient Greek Musical Symbols:

Thank you, this seems to be a very valuable approach.
I looked for a font that would support those characters.
When looking at this website:

Byzantine Musical Symbols U+1D000 - U+1D0FF (118784-119039)

Windows: Code2001
Musical Symbols U+1D100 - U+1D1FF (119040-119295)

Windows: Code2001
Ancient Greek Musical Notation U+1D200 - U+1D24F

Windows: ALPHABETUM Unicode, Cardo, New Athena Unicode

There is none font listed for linux.
What can I do?

    I didn't know there was an issue between Windows fonts vs Linux fonts.
AFAIK, as long as it's in the TTF format, Java can read it.

    - Oliver

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