Re: Uses for Screen OCR Technology ???

"Oliver Wong" <>
Thu, 14 Sep 2006 13:37:26 GMT
"Peter Olcott" <> wrote in message

"Oliver Wong" <> wrote in message

   Does it work with the fonts "WingDing", "Symbols", or my specially
crafted "all characters are invisible" font?

It works with any machine generated character glyphs that have visible
pixels on the screen. I don't know what your {"all characters are
invisible" font} is, but if the foreground and background colors are
identical, then it will not work. No character recognition technology can
possibly work if there is nothing to recognize.

    I thought I recall you exploring peering directly into RAM, so perhaps
under some conditions you could have determine what text had been entered
into a GUI control, even if such text were invisible. I'll now assume that
you don't do that, and base your recognition entirely on the set of pixels

    In my WingDing font, the character for capital A looks like a right hand
forming the V sign ( In some other
font, that exact same glyph might be used for the character lowercase zeta.
Without peering into RAM, how would you know which of the two fonts are
being used to tell wether to recognize such as glyph as A or zeta?

    - Oliver

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