Re: Mathematics and internationalization

"Oliver Wong" <>
Tue, 19 Sep 2006 21:07:00 GMT
<> wrote in message

What I meant
was indeed unicode math symbols. I have an idea for input: use aspect
oriented programming to intercept all references to GUI components in
my sources code, create controls that allow input of unicode (in
particular mathematics) and render unicode output, and then link the
new controls into the application. Are there any steps that I am
missing on the "object oriented side of things"?

    How about defining a new class which subclasses your input control
(JTextArea?) which just adds buttons that the user can click on to insert
certain symbols into the JTextArea?

In particular, I
think I briefly read about some "java properties" that would be need to
be set to support UTF-16 (correct term?).

    There is nothing special you need to do to enable unicode support in
Java. It's hardcoded into the design of Java to be enabled all the time.
However, the host OS may need some tweaking (e.g. installing fonts which
contain the glyphs you wish to display to the user).

    - Oliver

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