Re: Creating A Special Type of Swing List Display

"Daniel Pitts" <>
16 Jan 2007 13:52:51 -0800
Hal Vaughan wrote:

Daniel Pitts wrote:

Hal Vaughan wrote:

I want to use something like a list, but with a few changes. I'm hoping
there's an easy way to do this that I don't know about or that is so
obvious I've overlooked it. I essentially want a list with multi-line
items that can be scrolled in discrete increments. Each list item is a
name and address, like this:

John Doe
221B Baker St
New York, NY, 12345

(This has to fit in a legacy app, so I can't use a single line long
enough to fit all the info on one line.)

When scrolling, I'd like to scroll one complete address at a time, so
moving up or down won't scroll part way up to show the street or city on
the top line and part of the next item on the following line.

I know I can set the height for each item by pixels, but then I have to
deal with possible fonts and problems like that.

I've considered just using a text box and a scroll bar, getting the value
of the scroll bar and using that to figure out which item to display, and
my code pick that item and put it in the text box. Is there an easier
way to work with discrete items that are multiple lines?

Any suggestions?


Its generally considered a feature that you can scroll part way, its
easier for human eyes to follow. You might just want to put a better
seperator between the entries.

Generally, yes, but in this case, due to restricted space available (I can't
do anything about that), I can fit one address in easily and I want to
avoid any confusion by making it move in discrete units.


Then perhaps a list (or scrollable component of any sort) isn't the way
to go, but instead have a component that displays a single address, and
two buttons that change the address being displayed.

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