Re: Converting a string to an integer

"Andrew Thompson" <>
25 Mar 2007 18:46:13 -0700
On Mar 26, 10:41 am, jt <> wrote:

Andrew Thompson wrote: a bunch of stuff that I have committed to memory

Wow! I may ask you to repeat it back to me at
some later date, because to be honest, I would
have to reread the thread before I could recall
what I said!
( I Hope I did not use any swear words ;)


...No whitespace
characters are permitted in the String.

Uh-huh. I saw something in your code further
down that made me wonder if you had correctly
interpreted what a 'white space character' is.. *

"leading zero" is the way that octal is represented. I was assuming
that it was a O (capital letter O) rather than a 0 zero.

Damn, I wish I was using a font that showed
a difference, those O/0 look identical on this

public class WillThisWork {
   public static void main(String [] args) {
     String s = "023";

* the '0' will not be considered a 'white space char.',
the things that would be considered white space might
be summed up as..

import javax.swing.*;

class ShowWhiteSpace {

  public static void main(String[] args) {
    // sure I've forgotten some..
    String untrimmed = "\t 01234Hi! \n\n ";
    String trimmed = untrimmed.trim();
    JTextArea ta = new JTextArea(
      "untrimmed: \t'" + untrimmed + "'\n" +
      "trimmed: \t'" + trimmed + "'"
    JOptionPane.showMessageDialog(null, ta);

I know that this is probably a silly question, but if I import

Assuming you meant..
  import java.lang.Integer.*;
...that is a compilable, but invalid, statement.

The ones that would have the right effect are either ..
  import java.lang.Integer;
  import java.lang.*;

The '*' character can import into the namespace,
all classes within a particular package, as done
in the second statement.

The first statement is preferable* though, as
it is an explicit import for the one required
class, and is better documented as a result.

Importing the class (using either form) will
automatically make *all* it's methods available.

* I usually use package imports in SSCCE's,
for the sake of brevity, but it should not
generally be done in 'real' or production


Andrew T.

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