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"Andrew Thompson" <u32984@uwe>
Mon, 30 Apr 2007 00:10:40 GMT
i'm not llloyd wood wrote:

... i can put one on the screen but it doesn't do anything [duh]
i want it to increase the fonts with every tick???

- Add a change listener to the JSlider.
- Implement the state changed.
- When it (the state) does (change), get the Font of
the Component.
- Construct a new Font based on the name and style
of the current Font.
- Set the new Font as the Component's Font.

As an aside,
- Checking the JavaDocs will be necessary,
in order to turn that description into code.
- Checking the JavaDocs first might have allowed
to progress this faster than asking on usenet.
- If you want to gain respect, and more readers,
please put an upper case letter at the start of each
sentence, always capitalize the word 'I', and refrain
form using more than one '?'.

And since I expect I've asked you some of the last things
earlier, I will also warn you that you are coming to the
end of my limit of answering these poorly formed, and
formatted questions from you.

Please take a little more care when posting in future,
to prepare the question carefully and make good use
of the JavaDocs.

Andrew Thompson

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