Re: To remove the duplicate record in the list using java

 Daniel Pitts <>
Tue, 18 Sep 2007 04:40:54 -0000
On Sep 17, 8:35 pm, "timothy ma and constance lee" <>

"Andrew Thompson" <u32984@uwe> wrote in messagenews:7861e17ba18ec@uwe...

timothy ma and constance lee wrote:

We have a list of Record with the unqiue key like account no, and sequence
no, ..

If every record has a unique key formed from account
& seqence number, how cany any two records be
identical, or duplicate?*

..and the rest of fields are exactly the same.
Any way for java to remove those duplicated records?

I do not fully understand the question.

The way you describe the records, I guess it
it might be something like (fixed width font
required for proper viewing)..

Acc. # | Seq. # | Field1 | Field2 | Field3
121045 2 cat dog fish
415386 3 giraffe dog fish
848345 7 cat dog fish
900277 4 frog cow whale

.and you are saying you want to remove duplicates
in Fields1 through 3. So the first and third record are
'duplicates' but the second (with Giraffe) and 4th are

Am I on track so far?

* If that is the case, and records 1 and 3 are
considered 'duplicates' which one should be

Andrew Thompson

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Something like that

Account No Seq No Name
123456 001 abc
123456 001 abc
123234 001 xyz
123234 002 abd1
123421 002 ijk

The message may be from some Mainframe that we dont want fix it Mainframe
level. SImply using java to remove the duplicated one:

123456 001 abc


Try using a Set (probably HashSet or LinkedHashSet depending). You'll
have to make sure that your object properly implements hashCode() and
equals(), but that shouldn't be too hard...

Also, please don't top post.

4. It makes it hard to follow the conversation.
3. Why is top-posting bad?
2. Please don't top post.
1. I like to top post.

Good luck,

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