Re: Seeking computer-programming job (Sunnyvale, CA)

Jussi Piitulainen <>
16 May 2009 12:37:39 +0300
Seamus MacRae writes:

Adlai wrote:

It highlights source errors, can link in to profiling utilities,
has half a zillion different ways to poke and prod your programs
to assist debugging -- there is nothing 1983 about SLIME + Emacs,
other than maybe the fixed- with font in the menus. And yes, you
can use your mouse for everything you'd expect in any other
windowed program.

Now I'm confused. Which windowed program were we discussing? Not the
text editor, which predates Windows 1.0 by more than a decade.
SLIME? I thought someone said it was a script in the editor's
internal scripting language.

Emacs Lisp is a full-scale programming language. Most of Emacs is
written in it.

Googling for Emacs and Slime, the first hit I got was this page:
<>. The page is short and to the
point, and it begins with a description and feature highlights.

There is a screenshot of a window that seems to match Adlai's
description, more or less. A link to a long QuickTime movie is dead,
but a link to a shorter demo works, apparently it is in Flash:
<> The link to the
manual works. The link to the mailing list works, and development
seems to be active.

(I don't mean this as a flame, and I don't see how this can be
construed as such. If it happens, it happens, and so be it.)

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