Re: What does volatile guarantee?

Lew <>
Wed, 17 Feb 2010 11:48:13 -0500
Lars Enderin wrote:

The fontshower applet alone is enough to turn me off. I says:
Sorry, you need Java 1.5+ to run this Applet.
I have Java 1.6!

Lew wrote:

Why is that a problem? You meet the requirement.

Mike Schilling wrote:

But the message says that he doesn't. Perhaps he has a 1.6 JDK installed,
but the JRE used by the browser is only at 1.4.

That's not what the message says. It says that he has Java 6 and doesn't even
mention a JDK. It also doesn't actually say that he has a problem, only that
the applet's requirement turns him off, an emotional response. My question is
based on the (observable) fact that Lars's post doesn't provide enough
information to explain why or if there's a technical problem. What little
information it does provide hints that there is no technical problem, leaving
his emotional response unexplained. Asking for additional information from
the one who has it is entirely appropriate. I suggest that we let Lars answer
the question instead of inventing stuff on his behalf.


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