Re: JFrame stays unusably small in applet

Knute Johnson <>
Sat, 05 Nov 2011 15:20:24 -0700
On 11/5/2011 2:23 PM, Thomas Richter wrote:

Hi folks,

a very strange problem with a program of mine - unfortunately not
reproducible on my machine, but only on the one of the customer. The
code is part of a (signed) applet and opens a JFrame. It simply looks as

frame = new JFrame("The Title");

where "this" is the instance of the JApplet. Now, on my machine(s) this
works correctly - opens a JFrame over the JApplet of the correct size.
On the customer's machine, the JFrame remains tiny, so tiny that only
the tile bar is visible, but nothing inside it. As the code is so
incredibly simple, I wonder what might have been gone wrong here.

I'm running a Debian Squeeze with firefox 3.5.16 and java 6 update 29, I
also tested on Windows XP with firefox 3.6.20 and the same java version,
works absolutely perfect, no problem.

Not so on the customer's machine, which is also an XP (but a UK
edition), the same version of firefox (3.6.20), and java 6 update 26 (if
I remember correctly).

I really wonder what is going on here - I'm out of ideas how to debug or
identify the problem. The JFrame is not touched afterwards at all, it is
not resized, not reused etc, the above code is really the only one that
creates and modifies it.

Hope anyone has an idea how to solve this mystery, or at least how to
identify the cause of the problem.

Is there any specific setting of Java or the firefox I should be aware of?


I think you have to set the size before you call
setLocationRelativeTo(). The only other possibility I can think of is
that it is too small with whatever font the customer is using and it
won't size correctly. Try just calling pack() and see if that solves it
or pack it, check the size and adjust from there.


Knute Johnson

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