Re: How to find a jar in dir tree which contains a special class/package aaa.bbb.ccc

"Andrew Thompson" <u32984@uwe>
Sat, 12 May 2007 08:44:16 GMT
Jason Stacy wrote:

How can I search a whole directory (which contains approx 30-40 jars) for the appropriate
jar which contains the class resp. package ?

Of cause I don't want to open every single jar and to step down inside the archive manually.

Of course not!

I want a one-line command line command which does the job for me.


Here's the 'one line'. Beware line wrap.

import*;import*;/** Locates a resource in a directory of
archives. */class ClassSearcher {public static void main(String[] args)throws
MalformedURLException {if (args.length<2) {System.err.println("Usage java
ClassSearcher path/to/archives/ fully.qualified.ClassName");System.exit(-1);}
String path = args[0];String classname = args[1];File f = new File( path );if
(!f.exists() ) {System.err.println("Path does not exist!");System.exit(-1);}
if (!f.isDirectory() ) {f = f.getParentFile();System.err.println("Defaulting
to parent directory!" + f);}JarTypeFilter archiveFilter = new JarTypeFilter()
;File[] archives = f.listFiles( archiveFilter );URLClassLoader
classLoader;for (int ii=0; ii<archives.length; ii++) {System.out.println("\
tSearching: " + archives[ii]);URL[] archive = { archives[ii].toURI().toURL() }
;classLoader = new URLClassLoader(archive);URL classURL = classLoader.
getResource(classname);if (classURL!=null) {System.out.println("'"+ classname
+"' was first located in \n'" + archives[ii] + "'");System.exit(0);}}System.
out.println("Class NOT found!");}}class JarTypeFilter implements FileFilter
{public boolean accept(File f) {return f.getName().toLowerCase().endsWith(".

Andrew Thompson

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