Re: How do you read the content of internal web pages?

 shakah <>
Wed, 25 Jul 2007 19:54:08 -0000
On Jul 25, 2:47 pm, Thierry Lam <> wrote:

Yes, it's the content of the jsp pages that I want to read. I usually
post on the newsgroup when I can't find anything from googling. If
anyone got any small sample working codes, let me know.

Check out, its getContent() method might be all
you need.

Below is a quick-and-dirty example of another way to use
URLConnection, though you'll have to catch the Exceptions to get it to
compile cleanly:

public StringBuffer fetch(String sURL) {
  StringBuffer sbResponse = new StringBuffer(8192) ; url = new ; urlc = url.openConnection() ;
  urlc.setDoInput(true) ;
  urlc.setUseCaches(false) ; is = urlc.getInputStream() ;
  int nContentLength = urlc.getContentLength() ;
  byte [] ab = new byte[nContentLength] ;
  int nRead=0 ;
  while(nRead < nContentLength) {
    nRead +=, nRead, nContentLength - nRead) ;
  sbResponse.append(new String(ab, "utf-8")) ;
  is = null ;

  (( urlc).disconnect() ;
  urlc = null ;

  return sbResponse ;

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