Downloading a file in Linux

 Grzesiek <>
Sun, 19 Aug 2007 12:19:42 -0700

I use the following function to download a jar file from my website:

public synchronized boolean copyFileFromWeb(){

              URL url = new URL(sourceURL);
              URLConnection urlC = url.openConnection();
              InputStream is = url.openStream();
              System.out.print("Copying resource (type: " +
              Date date=new Date(urlC.getLastModified());
              FileOutputStream fos=null;
              fos = new FileOutputStream(destinationPath);
              int oneChar, count=0;
              while (( != -1)
              System.out.println(count + " byte(s) copied");
              return true;
      catch (Exception e){
      return false;


In Windows XP it works perfectly, but in Linux it works very slow and
the downloaded file is corrupted! What is wrong?

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