Re: Hibernate Insert Failing...

Mongoose <>
Thu, 15 Oct 2009 11:25:55 -0700 (PDT)
On Oct 15, 12:49 pm, Mongoose <> wrote:

On Oct 15, 2:42 am, ck <> wrote:

On Oct 14, 7:53 pm, Mongoose <> wrote:

On Oct 14, 10:32 am, Lew <> wrote:
However, I don't think the case is the root cause of the problem
because when I change the ReportDateTime from a Date to a String in
the Defect Class it works fine with the current case . . . .

As suggested by Lew, did you try using "timestamp"?


I tried to change all "date" types to "timestamp" types in the
hibernate .xml file but get the same error . . .

I need more information to solve this problem. Is there some logging
mechanism that might provide more info . . .


Ok, I think I was wrong about the "case issue" so I changed the
mapping file, bean, and .jsp to camel case (thanks Lew!) Now,
everything works fine except when I try to insert my dates. Now, what
I have is shown below. The property in question is: "reportDt".
When I try to do a Hibernate Insert for "reportDt" . . . I get
"Argument Type Mismatch".


/*** Portion of Main Bean **/

public class Defect extends ActionForm
    //Form Bean For the Defect Entry Screen

    private Integer defectId;
    private String description;
    private Integer priorityId;

    private Date reportDt;
    private Integer reporterUserId;
    private Integer functionalAreaId;
    private Integer statusId;
    private String severity;
    private Integer teamLeadId;
    private Date detectionDateTime;
    private Integer estFixTime;
    private Integer actFixTime;
    private Date statusDate;
    private Integer assignedToUserId;
    private Date assignedToDate;
    private Integer fixedByUserId;

    public Date getReportDt() {
        return reportDt;

    public void setReportDt(Date reportDt) {
        this.reportDt = reportDt;

/******** End Portion of Main Bean *************/

/************ Portion of Hibernate Mapping .xml ************/

<!DOCTYPE hibernate-mapping PUBLIC "-//Hibernate/Hibernate Mapping DTD
<hibernate-mapping package="gov.ohio.odjfs.struts">

<class name="Defect" table="Defect">
    <id name="defectId" type="integer" column="DEFECTID">
        <generator class="native"/>
    <property name="description" type="string"/>
    <property name="priorityId" type="integer"/>
    <property name="reportDt" type="timestamp" column="REPORTDATETIME"/>
    <property name="reporterUserId" type="integer"/>

/*********** End portion of hibernate mapping .xml

/*********** Portion of data entry form .jsp ********************/

<meta http-equiv="Content-Type" content="text/html;
<link rel="stylesheet" href="styles/form.css" type="text/css">
    <html:form action="adddefect" method="post">

    <table class="tableinputform" >
          <td><html:text property="description"/></td>
          <td><html:text property="priorityId"/></td>

          <td><html:text property="reportDt"/></td>

/********** End portion of data entry form .jsp ***************/

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