Re: Maintaining sessions with URL

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Thu, 14 Feb 2008 18:00:06 -0500
Dev wrote:

It seems to be puzzle for me but I am sure such kind of requests could
have been handled and addressed. This is my requirement:

Manual Steps currently followed:
1. Supply the ISBN number and click OK
2. the web page returns list of books (if the ISBN number is partly
3. click on the desired list
4. the web page returns the details of the book like book name, etc

We have a requirement to validate around 50000 ISBN and doing it
manually will be laborious. Hence I thought it could be automated.

This was my approach:
1. Create URL String with Post data
2. open the URLConnection
3. read the returned web page and get the total count of books
4. create another URL string and open the url connection
5. read the web page and parse the details

Until Point 3, I was able to accomplish. However, when another
connection was established, the returned page was session expired.

I should bascially use the same URL object to repost or redirect to
the server with my second URL. Not sure how I could accomplish
Please help!

URL url = new URL (url1);
URLConnection urlconn = url.openConnection ();

URLConnection does not maintain sessions.

Switch to Jakarta HttpClient:
it understands sessions.


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