Re: SAX succeeds, but StAX fails

Owen Jacobson <>
Wed, 12 Mar 2008 14:27:21 -0700 (PDT)
On Mar 6, 8:57 am, Kai Schlamp <> wrote:


I tried to parse PubMed (a biomedical article database) with SAX and
also StAX. The last one failed, but I am not sure why (see Exception
Why does SAX succeed and StAX don't?
The XML document seems to be fine (see


Any suggestions?


            String address = "


            URL url = new URL(address);


Error message: ParseError at [row,col]:[50,39]
Message: A '(' character or an element type is required in the
declaration of element type "PubMedPubDate".

The XML document itself is fine, but non-validating due to problems in
the DTD; StAX by default attempts to validate input documents. SAX is
ignoring the DTD associated with the XML document, and therefore
doesn't notice that the DTD is invalid.


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