How to slurp/get the content of a URI?

From: (Stefan Ram)
19 Jul 2008 23:16:27 GMT
  I wonder what the best/canonical/Javaish way to get/slurp
  (i.e., read the whole content into a CharSequence) a URI is.
  In Perl, there is:

use LWP::Simple; $content = get( "" );

  Say, one wanted to implement LWP::Simple::get in Java.

  What is the best way to do so?

  I currently do this as follows (omitting some details, like
  exceptions, encodings, and close()-operations):

  Connect via an HttpURLConnection object:

final url = new uri.toString() );

final httpURLConnection
=( )url.openConnection();


  Then, filling a StringBuilder from it:

final inputStreamReader
= new
( httpURLConnection.getInputStream(), "UTF-8" );

final bufferedReader
= new inputStreamReader );

java.lang.String line; while(( line = bufferedReader.readLine() )!= null )
{ stringBuilder.append( line ); stringBuilder.append( '\n' ); }

  Is this the best/usual/canonical/Javaish way to do it,
  or should I use anything else?

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