Re: Casting an object in equals Java 5

Roland de Ruiter <>
Tue, 30 Sep 2008 12:01:03 +0200
On 30-9-2008 9:40, crazzybugger wrote:

      I am stuck with a compiler warning while trying to cast an
object inside equals method.
Consider class A<I>{ }
inside this class, I am trying to override equals method. However, I
am not able to cast the received object into the proper type without
compiler warning.

Consider this implementation of equals
public boolean equals(Object that){
     if(that instanceof A){
         A<I> that1 = this.getClass().cast(that); // here I am
getting compiler warning.
        // perform comparisons...

what is the right way to cast here ?
thank you...

if (that instanceof A) {
     A<?> that1 = (A<?>)that;

The actual type parameter of "that" isn't known at runtime, so you can
only cast it safely to an A of unknown type, i.e. A<?>.

I wouldn't use getClass().cast() if A can have subclasses, let's say B
and C, because this cast will fail if "this" is an instance of B and
"that" is an instance of C.


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